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Hey guys,

I'm not sure if anyone still reads this but I'm going to post this for the sake of posting. If you do still linger then kudos to you!

There aren't many good excuses as to why I haven't posted anything in the last five years. Wow, it's been five years since I've written anything solid. I wrote the existing fics in this community roughly around five years ago. I was in my first year of college and was experiencing love for the first time. It because a source of inspiration. Then, here's where my unoriginal excuse comes in life happened. I still love the Jonas Brothers but I took a break when they took a break. Actually, I didn't even noticed that they weren't making music together. I was getting into another music genre at the time so my social and school life changed a bit.

If anyone still reads this journal is beyond me but I'd just like to say that I'm currently working on four different fics simultaneously. Most recently in the last three months, I was thrust back in the JoBros fandom when I found out they were going to be doing a free concert in my home state. Thus, I started familiarizing myself again with their music and everything that I've missed.

One is going to be a sequel to my last fic that I wrote before I disappeared which I believe was, The Things That Tear Us Apart. It's the first time I'm giving my OFC a name just because there are too many girl characters to keep referring to her as 'she' or 'her' throughout the fic. And I know the original male was "JB of your choice," but it will be a Joe/OFC fic because it ties into the storyline I'm trying to achieve. I'm also working on another Joe/OFC fic and two other Nick/OFC fics.

It's taking me a lot longer than I thought it would to have these posted up because over the last five years, my writing style has changed and I think faltered as well. I have the storyline that I want but I'm just obsessed with perfecting it with as much details as I do dialogue. Like I said, I've been working on the fics all the same time. Hopefully, I'll be finished with one so I can post it and it will no longer be a lingering feeling.
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Virus running around.

This warning is taken from ongoingmelody about a really bad virus running around LJ right now.

" A terrible virus has been rapidly spreading itself through LiveJournal communities over the past few days. Basically, seemingly-harmless links are posted by a robot who hacks the maintainer's account. Once the links are clicked on and activated, a worm virus inserts itself into the user's computer. oceandezignz says: "The links in question take you to a Russian language NON-LJ website where you will end up with a keylogger on your computer that tracks your passwords and the like for all the services you use (LJ, email, etc)." Additionally, the maintainer(s) of the community get removed, and the community itself becomes helplessly subject to viruses and spam. "

Please be careful out there guys.

[SONG-FIC] The Things That Tear Us Apart

Title: The Things That Tear Us Apart
Author: Samantha (_ithinkican)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: JB of your choice/OFC
Summary: She doesn't want to leave him, but she has to. Due to uncontrollable forces that tear them apart.
Author's Note: This is written to Taking Back Sunday's One-Eighty by Summer.

I know it's been a while since my last story. This took me FOREVER and a day to write with all the school and social things that have been going on in my life.

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[SONG-FIC] Never Let This Go

Title: Never Let This Go
Author: Samantha (_ithinkican)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Joe/OFC
Author's Note: Okay, first things first; the order if this two part series is a little confusing. This is a two-part song fic; the sequel will be coming up very soon. And then in a week's time, the two-part prequel to this series will be up and that will also be a two-part song fic. Why is it in this order? Beats the hell outta me. For some reason, my mind thinks it flows better. I can't really give a summary about this fic without giving away the entire plot. Here's what I can say about it. Sex. Of the non-consensual kind. Not for the faint-hearted but I'll leave that judgement up to you guys. The accompanying song is called Never Let This Go by Paramore.

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[ONE-SHOT] Selkie

Title: Selkie
Author: Samantha (_ithinkican)
Rating: R; NC-17
Pairing: Joe/OFC
Author's Note: Set in an alternate universe...actually a different time period. This is my take on the Scottish folklore of the Selkie. What sparked this? It was their song Out of This World; the moment I first heard the part where sings about "hiding her UFO", it reminded me of the selkie legend. My story doesn't follow the legend exactly but should be similar. This story is quite possibly the first of a small series based on ocean folklore. I haven't decided yet. Enjoy.

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Welcome to Feasible Lies, writing journal of _ithinkican. You've probably seen my entries at jbperverted and jb_stories. I don't really know what compelled me to make a community for something like this 'cause it's just one more thing I need to maintain. Posts will be moderated, while membership is moderated. As long as you guys comment more than you lurk, then we're fine.
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